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Winter House Party

6 of our favourite wild, super succulent, juicy and premio wines.

2020 Main & Cherry Red Blend Pet-Nat - Cherries. Lot's of it, but not fruity or sweet, actually really dry. For a non disgorged pet-nat it's actually minimal on the yeast side of things. Delicious, ready for an aperitif session or some oysters or cheeses. NV La Violetta 'Loosie Ranga' Orange Blend - A multi year multi varietal with skin contact ranging from 4 days to 6 weeks and some of the wine spending 4 years on less. Wow. Aromatics on steroids. In the mouth she has 'tangy peach, rhubarb, fine savoury tannins and soft skinsy textures. 2019 Good Intentions x Notwasted 'Rinse Out' Roséfresh, vibrant and powerful rosé. Aptly named, it's a blend of juice from all of 2019 releases. Just think candied raspberries and rosé with an edge. 2019 Anim Wine Field Blend - a no-thinking, easy, fun and light red. Tasty red strawberries, red cherries, red plum and lots of rhubarb. Super pleasant and actually perfect for Spring lightly chilled or just something light-hearted to sip on. 2019 Trutta Wines Heathcote Shiraz -Earthy and fresh, Trutta's Shiraz(es) are consistently great. Super vibrant Shiraz that brings prominent red fruit to the table, dabbles with a bit of leather and oak but not too much on any one. Delicious and enjoyable, one for the campfire. 2019 Frankly This Wine Was Made By Bob Malbec II - a dark inky wine with a nice lick of green stalky tannin. Classic Malbec sitting on the border between black and red fruits. Nice winter wine.

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Winter House Party
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With our packs we select a bunch of wines from various winemakers where the taste suits a certain mood or season. We're building out packs to make life that little bit more easier for you.
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