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Well Red This Winter

We all need a few reds under the bed right. These guys will not set you back much but they will provide you with endless fun cooler nights. Jump in.

2019 Whisson Lake 'Pinot Gaz' Pinot Noir - We love Whisson's Pinot. It's something else. With the highest elevation in the Adelaide Hills and from the coolest plot on their farm, comes this aged Burgundy style Pinot Noir. The varied summer day/night temperatures make for a lean, rich and visceral Pinot. Think turned earth, tannins and prominent dark red fruits. This is an excellent find and at this price is hard to come by. 13.% abv.

2021 Smallfry 'Starry Night' Cinsault - A raspberry and cranberry driven light Cinsault. pure unadulterated Cinsault, it is important to me that light palate weight does not mean a simple wine. Starts off juicy and finishes dry. Another beautiful Smallfry release. 11% abv.

2018 Villa Job Rosso Refosco - After loving his skinny white, this is Alex's light juicy red of Refosco, an ancient grape native to the Friuli region of Northern Italy.  It smells like red licorice and wild rose, and tastes a bit like these as well, with wild red and blackberries, black plum, black pepper and a forest floor/green stem combo. Right out of the gate, you get a slight fizzy pop that settles down with air. Chill her down. 12.5% abv.

2021 Sparrow and Vine Grenache - Brendan's home-made Newtown Grenache is back. Juicy, crunchy with big prominent red fruits like forest berries, cherries and a lot of Moroccan spice in there. It's a table wine winter number. 13.8% abv.

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Well Red This Winter
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