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Think I'm Turning Japanese

Ok so not all of these are made in Japan, but Yuki Nakano (Kunoh Wines) is a Japanese man making wine in both NZ and back home. Well enjoy.

Ota Shuzo Melon Liqueur - From locally grown melons, harvested in July each year and left to ripen for 3 weeks allowing the melon to lose water and become sweeter. At this point the seeds and skin are removed and the melon is cut into 4cm x 4cm pieces. Then the melon is infused in mix of 35% alcohol spirit and sugar for 3 months. After the maceration is finished the melon is removed and pure spring water from the Sake brewery is added to bring the alcohol down to 10%. Drink chilled, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Maison Balzac Japanese 'Sainte T' Incense - 50 incense sticks of impeccable quality, made on the Island of Awaji in Japan. Each sticks burns for 25 mins. The fragrance is an elegant take on a florist, it smells of a thousand cut flowers with notes of green leaf, flower stems, rose, freesia and musk.

Heiwa Shuzo 'Tsuru-Ume' Yuzushu Sake - Sake and beautiful Yuzu juice from the Wakayama prefecture. Made with a one-year-old Junmai Sake and Yuzu juice, at a 1 : 1 ratio. Higher than most Yuzushu produced elsewhere. The Yuzu fruit is grown in Wakayama and is juiced with its peel, giving all the qualities of the fruit, sweet, sour & bitter. This example has full aromas of fresh Yuzu, with a zesty, citrus tart character and a fruit sweet and fresh finish. 

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Think I'm Turning Japanese
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