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Winter Rainbow

Wines for the season... why not?

2019 Brave New Wine 'Glitter Us' Orange Pet-Nat - Savoury pear-cider vibes. With bubbles. Beautiful frothy bubbles. BNW have taken a bunch of aromatic white varieties. 2020 Balmy Nights Amber - Dan has made this year's amber from Sauvignon Blanc on skins for 7 days. Like a light buzzy Orangina with a lemon twist, you just want to sip on it all night long. Super fresh, super fine. 2019 Good Intentions Loubadiedoo Rosé - toeing the line nicely between light red and rosé, a light, funky and oxidative juicy number from GI. Savoury, salty and full of flavour. 2019 Le Coste Litrozzo Rosso - one litre of sanguine goodness. Made from a blend of Le Coste's Sangiovese and Merlot spending very little time on skins, she is bright, quenching cherry juice. Striking acidity and light as a feather at only 11%. 2020 Dormilona 'Tinto' Shiraz - Nouveau Shiraz style. Simply harvested in the cool morning light. No additions, fining or filtration. Liquorice, light herbs and juicy juicy. 2017 Mountain People Shiraz - fresh and structured. We get soft red fruits and light as a feather in the mouth. Enchanting olives.

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Winter Rainbow
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With our packs we select a bunch of wines from various winemakers where the taste suits a certain mood or season. We're building out packs to make life that little bit more easier for you.
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