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Spring Finesse and Class

Organic delicate rare Champagne and three spring appropriate and classy drinks. Spanning the Languedoc (France) to Sicily and the Adelaide Hills. Lift your drinks game this Spring. No regrets.

2011 Dominic Valentine 'Blanc de Blanc' Sparkling- Originally made by Dom for a client, it was forgotten about for many years until recently when he snagged this hidden gem. Made with hand-picked Chardonnay, 2011 was cold and wet. This made for gentle and phenolic fruit. It's dry as a bone, but light preserved lemons and soft bubbles elevate this wine beyond belief. 2019 Scintilla 'Baies de Cherryville' Chardonnay - 2019 was a hot year, producing prominent Chard fruit characteristics. The fruit was hand harvested and whole bunch pressed into old French oak, fermenting on lees for extra texture. 2019 Ngeringa Syrah Rosé - whole bunch pressed Syrah as a rosé, delicious, dry and savoury. Strawberries, peach skin and olives. So easy. So good. Fermented in old French oak barrels and matured 11 months on lees for complexity and texture. 2018 Occhipinti 'Il Frappato' - 100% Frappato, the Sicilian special known for it's extreme 'grapeiness' flavours. This one is complex and elegant. Light in colour and light-bodied, strong cherry, raspberry and white pepper feel. It will constantly morph in your glass. Moving from spice, to smoke to tea leaves. lingering and complex yet very elegant. 

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Spring Finesse and Class - NOTWASTED - Natural Wine Online Australia Delivery Sydney
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