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Sailors Grave 'Fuckenthing' Beer 500ml - 4 Pack


'Local legend has it, Old Tom, the most famous of the orcas used to alert a whaling family on the Sapphire Coast when they were hunting baleen whales off the coast and lead them to their prey. In return, the orcas were allowed to eat their favourite bits – the lips and tongues – leaving the rest to the Davidsons. That said, there is no whale, orca or tongue in this beer. but, you will find, smoked Wapengo Rocks Organic Oysters. Smokey, sweet and leathery flavours in a smooth and pretty full bodied beer. A surprise twist of Sunrise limes accompanies the briny goodness.' Sailors Grave.
Sailors Grave
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Sailors Grave 'Fuckenthing' Beer 500ml -  4 Pack - NOTWASTED - Natural Wine Online Australia Delivery Sydney
About the maker

Inspired by a treacherous cove at Cape Conran (down the road from their regional outpost), Sailors Grave shape their beers from coastal elements and the surrounding unique landscape.

They work their beers by incorporating indigenous botanicals picked in the bush, salts, weeds and sea life harvested from from river and ocean, as well as fruits, grains & produce from local farms & orchards and wild yeasts from their backyard. Chris and Gab plan to keep the beers approachable even when they get adventurous. We'll keep tabs on their seasonal beers which are out of this world delicious.
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