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NV Cidrerie Du Leguer Cidre Granit Brut

Britany, France

Considered a brut or dry cider, Cidre Granit is a ‘cuvee parcelaire’, or a ‘single orchard’. The top of the tree cuvee, so to speak. Big, round, generous, fruity, subtle tannins. Not bitter. The apple selection and blending is a mixture of indigenous varieties covering 15% bitter, 50% bitter-sweet, 20% sweet, 15% sharp.
Cidrerie Du Leguer
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NV Cidrerie Du Leguer Cidre Granit Brut
About the maker

Who says only Normandy should make good cider? In the ice-cold farming environment of Britany, Cedric has restored an old orchard to maker some tasty natural cider.

Since the first vintage after recovering the orchard, it’s been a labour of love and hard work – as Cedric and the team take it up on themselves meticulously maintain the farm following organic principles, lovingly tending to trees aged from between two and thirty years old. The trees themselves house a wide range of indigenous varieties, including: Marie Ménard, Jeanne Renard (Bitter varieties) and Fréquin Rouge,. Each cuvee is made according to Cedric’s taste, however the same process is followed time and again. The trees are hand harvested three times between October and December, before further ripening in crates before pressing up to 4 weeks later. The ciders go through two ferments – the fit lasting 5 monthsbefore bottling, followed by a 3 month fermentation in bottle. The ciders are bottled with no sulfur, just pure juice, naturally sparkling and spontaneous, no collage, only racking and filtering when required. All ciders are brut or extra brut. As for the end result? These are exceptional ciders with a vinous quality, brimming with character, complex and acid driven with perfectly balanced fruit and tannins.
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