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Giorgio De Maria Pack

Carefully put together by one of Australia's OG natural wine importers, working with labels that have grown into global phenomenons, this is Giorgio's pack of packs. Showcasing the breadth of Giorgio's portfolio, from a unique wild-fermented beer in northern France, to Primitivo in Puglia. A pretty special pack.

2019 Brasserie des Voirons Biere 'Vivante Chartreuse' - one of the beers from Brasserie des Voiron's 'special' range. This blonde was infused and macerated with 17 differente local alpine herbs and matured in ‘Clos de Rougeard Breze’ barrels. Elegant and delicate. 2018 Escoda-Sanahuja 'Els Bassotets' White Blend - A wild but good vibe filled bottle of northern Spain. A skinsy blend when Chenin meets Macabeo, with citrus, tangerines, apples and popping out with acidity. Super textural and mineral driven. 2018 Cantina Carussin Barbera d'Asti Asinoi - An ideal winter snack kind of wine. Biodynamic Barbera. Prune and cherry scents and taste, it's super energetic snd earthy. Would pair perfectly with some pizza, pasta or meat. 2018 Guttarolo 'Miro' Primitivo - From Cristiano's youngest vines of Primitivo, this spent just four days on skins. Red fruit, candy like, with some floral hints, super crisp acidity and low-medium body.

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Giorgio De Maria Pack
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Packs seem to be talk of the town right now.

With our packs we select a bunch of wines from various winemakers where the taste suits a certain mood or season. We're building out packs to make life that little bit more easier for you.
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