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Dry(ish) July Pack

Notwasted supports sustainable drinking habits. If you want to only half-commit to dry July, we're here for you.

2021 Brave New Wine 'Nat Daddy' Pet-Nat - Yeah daddy. New BNW drop slightly before Spring time weather, but why should we care fun bubbles are fun bubbles after all. 'Outrageously bright and bubbly, the Nat Daddy is fruity, frothy, fun. Think, heady spice from the Shiraz, and crunchy green fruit notes from the sauv blanc. Clean as a whistle, with zero adds, wild ferment, and undisgorged. Chill, pop, and get the party started.' 11.8% abv.

2019 Alice L'Estrange x Notwasted 'Picnic' Rosato - PICNIC is good times in your glass. A cheeky but ridiculously moreish blend of Cinsault, Pais, Corinto and Moscatel de Alejandría. Looks like a red but colours won’t do the tongue justice. Crispy acid, tart forest berries and green apple freshness on the back palate too. A light weight feel in the mouth that’s all part of this smashable, super Chilean aromatic experience. Get involved. 🍒🍒. Chill lightly!

Punchy Drinks 'Golden Hour' Non-Alcoholic - 2 Pack - Zesty blood orange with aromatic bitters & cardamom. This is a punch born of sun-soaked walks, roads less travelled & a thirst for adventure. Low in Calories. Low in Sugar. Mixed with Natural Ingredients. Vegan Friendly & Gluten-Free. Nothing Artificial and No Preservatives.  250ml and 0% alcohol.

Mailer McGuire Jasmine Green Tea Kombucha - As floral and crisp as a dry Riesling or classic Chablis, this succulent drop leads with notes of fragrant jasmine, crisp green apple and citrus. Bright acidity, a delightful chalky mouthfeel and clean. Whole leaf tea is Huangshan Maofeng. The variety is green tea from Tunxi (China) and Jasmine flowers from Hangxian (China). Below 0.5% alcohol at bottling. Keep refrigerated.

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Dry(ish) July Pack - NOTWASTED - Natural Wine Online Australia Delivery Sydney
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