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0% Gin and Soda Kit

Vera Ginø Non-Alcoholic Gin - Shake up your traditional G&T with a non-alcoholic version. Made with botanicals from their town in Slovenia and inspired by the ubiquitous juniper that is local to their region, this is a classic mix from the world of gin: juniper berries, angelica, cardamom, bay leaf, and citrus. 500ml and 0% abv.

Capi Sparkling Mineral Water x 2 -  Bottled at the source in the Victorian Highlands. Every drop Capi's water filters through mineral-rich rock formations and is naturally carbonated, adding a light effervescence and delicacy to the water. It's a thing. 750ml.

Pyewacket's Traditional Rosemary Lemonade Shrub - Used as a 15th Century medicinal tonic, a Shrub is fermented, sweet, earthy and full of tang - they are an excellent source of vitamins, probiotics, support your digestion and are naturally low in sugar. This shrub is all tang and bite and heady aroma. On its own or a perfect companion with your favourite botanical or citrus gin. Raw and unpasteurised so keep it in the fridge! 200ml

Pyewacket's Traditional Aromatic Bitters - Inspired by 18th century pharmacists and traditional herbalists using organic, homegrown or ethically foraged herbs, roots and fruits. A true bitters tincture is made like a herbal medicinal tincture but instead of selecting herbs for their healing properties alone- the ladies have curated their Aromatic Bitters around flavour. 50ml. Every 10 drops is a ml.

Dried Blood Oranges - We die for Blood Oranges. So we've sourced a few dried ones from this year. Perfect negroni or cocktail garnishes. 6 large ones in a pack x.

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Packs seem to be talk of the town right now.

With our packs we select a bunch of wines from various winemakers where the taste suits a certain mood or season. We're building out packs to make life that little bit more easier for you.
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