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2019 Sous Le Végétal 'Palli & Gensia' Muscat Petit Grain - Ligas x Bouj

Samos, Greece

Jason Ligas (Domaine Ligas) x Patrick Bouju (La Bohéme) in Samos, Greece with revived these Moscatel vines for a wild moon walk. The 'Palli & Genesia' takes organic Muscat Petit Grain from Platanos village and they do a whole bunch 40 day maceration before ageing in clay amphoras. The wine is fine, delicate and dry as a bone. As the others in the set there is intense minerality. Lots of honey characters but more floral than anything. Decant and drink with cheese or seafood.
Sous Le Végétal
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2019 Sous Le Végétal 'Palli & Gensia' Muscat Petit Grain - Ligas x Bouj - NOTWASTED - Natural Wine Online Australia Delivery Sydney
About the maker

What happens when Jason Ligas (Domaine Ligas) and Patrick Bouju (Domaine La Bohème) join forces with a local winemaker in Greece? You get lunar alignment.

Whilst on vacation in Samos, Jason Ligas and his business partner bumped into a young oenologist who was busy fermenting Moscatel. Her solidarity and intense work ethic along with the unique taste of her older vintages, convinced Jason that there was something here. Jason teamed up with Patrick, experienced in working with volcanic soils and a big name in natural wine circles. "You cannot tame Samos Moscatel. You need to reveal its potential through the use of clear, strong gestures on vineyards where the sun can reach 40 degrees in even the mountains." After a lot of repairing the vines, terraces and soils, Jason used permaculture recipes he had in mind since the early days of working in wine. Chamomile and nettle extracts to counteract the heat of the sun. There are no additives in these wines, the winemaking is all done by gravity and free-run juices are collected without pressing. Samos Moscatel is endowed with beautiful acidity and vivacious taste, highlighting the salinity, minerality and delicacy of the wines.
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