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2019 Lucy M. 'Noir de Florette' Pinot Noir

Basket Range, South Australia

Pinot noir grown in the heart of the Picadilly valley, red clay over sandstone with an eastern facing aspect at the bottom of a cold deep valley, V.S.P. trellis and spur pruned. 50% of the wine is signéed pinot juice poured over as some berries, whole bunches and lots of stalks and fermented for 17 days, the remaining 50% is carbonically fermented for 4 days in a 2400L wooden barrel. The components or pressed and blended together and aged in 2000L oak barrels. Noir de Florette has alluring light red pinot fleshy pinkness. It smells of beautiful fertile soil and rhubarb and cherries and liquorice and yum.
Lucy Margaux
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Lucy Margaux Natural Organic Wine South Australia Pinot Noir
About the maker

Lucy Margaux is one of the most, if not the most, reputable natural wine brands in Australia. Nothing but grapes.

Anton Van Klopper has a very straight view of what ‘natural’ wine should or should not be. It is ‘simply made from grapes’. Out of Adelaide into the Basket Range, Anton sees to a small plot of grapevines and grows vegetables for the Summertown Aristologist. It is his belief that one must have a relationship with the vines that offer you their fruit and is a sin to manipulate or adulterate, hence the need for organic farming. To then further manipulate the wine is not natural, and although challenging, he is proud to be a craftsman of such wines. Nothing added, nothing removed, just grapes.
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