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2019 Garage Project 'Tropical Phantasm' Pinot Gris Cans

Nelson, New Zealand

Does it get much better than this. Garage Project's best hazy white in 250ml cans. Garage Project Crushed (these wines) are a collaborative effort between Kindeli's Alex Craighead and the Garage Project beer crew. An organic Nelson Pinot Gris fermented on Sauvignon Blanc skins. Like a distant mirage, this wine is not what it seems. Close your eyes and let your mind drift as waves of tropical juice wash over you. Notes by Garage Project. Comes in at 13% abv.
Garage Project
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2019 Garage Project 'Tropical Phantasm' Pinot Gris Cans
About the maker

Having started out by Pete Gillespie & Jos Ruffell, smaller than a micro-brewery, Garage Project has evolved into an effervescent beer (and now wine) brand that delivers out of the box style style products from their outpost in New Zealand.

As the name would suggest, the company was born out of a car workshop / derelict petrol station in Wellington, New Zealand. Since then Garage Project has continued to grow and grow, with multiple sites in Wellington and collaboration brews with some pretty iconic craft brewers in the U.S. Garage Project Crushed is a joint effort between Alex Craighead from Kindeli Wine and the existing crew, with fruit bought from Nelson and Martinborough to make a few experimental wine concoctions.
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