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2019 Anders Frederik Steen “La Femme à Qui?” Pet-Nat Wine Cider

Ardèche, France

A Pet-Nat made with 50% grapes and 50% apples from a Noma ex-sommelier? Yes please. Anders has pretty unique story. Read more below on his background, but he essentially chews on grapes as he is harvesting as to determine what kind of wines he is going to make. This is stunning petillant made from an equal blend of apples and a direct press of Cabernet and Merlot from the Oustric family. After the apples were harvested, the two fruits fermented together. Fermentation finished in the bottle and the wine was disgorged at the beginning of spring. Cider on the nose and wine on the palette, sitting somewhere between a rosé and cider. Pretty in pink.
Anders Frederik Steen
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2019 Anders Frederik Steen “La Femme à Qui?” Pet-Nat Wine Cider
About the maker

Since 2013, Anders has been making the most pure and original wines from 'only grapes', buying fruit from esteemed winemakers around the area.

Once a chef and once a sommelier in some of the best restaurants around Denmark like Noma, he then progressed to making wine and working alongside renowned winemakers in the Jura like Jean-Marc Brignot. His family and him have now moved to the stunning area of Ardèche, where the soils are a perfect mix of clay and limestone and the vineyards are full of life, having been tended organically for decades. Anders takes a unique, logical and practical approach to winemaking. He doesn't move into a year knowing what he wants to make in mind, rather, as he is harvesting he tastes the grapes and manifests the type of wine he is going to create. The wines are very thoughtful and pure expressions of the area and time, they're extremely sought after today.
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