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2018 Denavolo 'Dinavolino' White Blend

Emilia - Romagna, Italy

NEW DINAVOLINO!! Apple, peach and citrus touches can be detected, as well as orange flowers and slightly spicy hints. On the palate it is fresh, energetic and dynamic, with memories of what is perceived in the nose and intense mineral aromas.

Denavolo Dinavolino is made from Ortugo, Malvasia di Candia, Marsanne and another forgotten variety from the Denavolo estate. The grapes are hand harvested and wine comes in at a light 11.5%. When it arrives in the cellar grapes are destemmed and pressed to release the must. It is then vatted, and the must ferments with native yeasts, in contact with the skins. The must-wine macerates with the grape skins for a few months, even after the fermentation ends. It then undergoes aging on lees in stainless steel tanks, and lastly the wine is bottled unfiltered and unfined. 

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Organic Wine Orange Wine Italian Natural Wine
About the maker

The biodynamic Denavolo vineyard, found in Travo, Italy, produces wines that are often tannin rich but are quite elegant tasting.

Denavolo is the brain child of Giulio Armani. The vineyards, we haven't been to, but are located on an estate in Travo, 11km south of La Stoppa. The vineyard is completely biodynamic, with varieties including Malvasia di Candia, Ortuga Marsanne and an old unidentified local variety. Giulio seems to be constantly experimenting: oak versus tank, parcel selection versus whole vineyard, long versus short maceration, but certain components always remain the same. Absolute dedication to harmony with nature, natural fermentations and processes, skin contact and no filtering are all the healthy foundation for the best wine he can make.
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