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2017 Cantina Giardino Coda Di Volpe Bianco Magnum

Campania, Italy

TASTY ORANGE, TASTY ORANGE, TASTY ORANGE. Available only in magnum, this a wild, turbid wine made with a mixture of Coda di Volpe and Greco grapes, fermented on the skins for 10 days and aged in chestnut casks. Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola seek out old vineyards in Irpinia, high in the hills of Campania. 

Wines are tended to in a combination of terracotta amphorae and casks made from local woods. They are bottled unfiltered, with no additions at all. The resulting wines are strong and honest representations of grape and place. This wine is what the De Gruttola’s offer you to drink when you take a break from the harvest. Brimming with energy it offers supreme refreshment in large format.

Cantina Giardino
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2017 Cantina Giardino Coda Di Volpe Bianco Magnum
About the maker

From the rolling hills of Campania, organically grown local varietals and always naturally fermented, Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola also maintain an entertaining Instagram if you feel so inclined.

Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola tend to and preserve the region's historic varietals, whilst also following a similarly aged style of winemaking. The volcanic rich soil and fruit vines are all managed by hand and organically by the couple. The wines never have any additions and unfiltered, often aged in casks made from local wood. The wines are left to ferment naturally with no temperature control and this can continue for months without risk of spoiling the wine.
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