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2014 La Castellada Friulano

Friuli, Italy

We only have a handful of these incredible wines from La Castellada. A complex and high quality skin contact Friulano from close to the Slovenian border. Aged in Slovenian oak for 12 months and then a further 24 months in tank before bottling and ageing for a year. Golden hue, nose is very floral with tropical fruits, dried apricot and mango, vanilla. Palate is dry, crisp, butterscotch, minerality, pear, smooth acidity, tropical brioche finish.
La Castellada
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About the maker

In 1985, sons Giorgio and Nicolò of Giuseppe Bensa decided to turn their family vineyards and plot of land into an estate. The La Castellada wines are some of the finest skin contact white wines to come out of northern Italy.

Of the 10 hectares of vineyards that make up the estate, half are 45/55 years old and the other half are about 25 years old and has 5500/6000 plants per hectare with low yields, thus achieving optimal ripening and concentrations. This land, together with the cool and breezy air from the nearby Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea, create a microclimate that makes it possible for the estate to work with natural methods to obtain complex, structured wines offering great territorial expression. It is impossible not to mention a vine that is closely linked to this area, the Ribolla Gialla. Of uncertain origin, but definitely amongst one of the oldest in the region, it was rediscovered by the local winemakers and has become an outstanding product which surprises thanks to the intensity of its aromas and flavours.
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