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we care

We want the right choice to be as easy as enjoying a glass of wine with friends. That's why we partner with premium sustainable winemakers both locally and abroad. And share those stories with you.

Curated and Natural

We research and taste wines from organic and biodynamic natural winemakers both locally and abroad. Often from the same locations that make your favourite conventional wines.

All of our wines stem from organic or biodynamic viticulture and made with minimal intervention after harvesting. The common belief between all our winemakers is to ensure we leave the land in better condition than we found it.

To learn more about how natural wines differ from conventional ones head over to this article.

Designed to Inform

At Notwasted, we want to both share the stories behind our products and be refreshingly transparent.

We have created an evolving hub to read up on stories from winemakers, wine guides, local food, culture and other forward-thinking people or businesses.

Product transparency and produce traceability is important to us, so we provide very clear labelling for each wine so you know exactly what’s been added or removed in the winemaking process.  

Sustainable Inside and Out

Being mindful about our footprint doesn't stop at sourcing sustainable products.  From our forestry certified packaging to solar powered office and even carbon neutral delivery partner, every touchpoint has been carefully considered.

We're constantly looking for like-minded partners that share our mindset to evolve both our offering and positive impact.

P.S We're based in Sydney, Australia in case you wanted to know!


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