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2019 Alice L'Estrange 'Barrica Rica' Pais

Itata Valley, Chile

Alice's first set of Chilean wines released into the wild have been a huge hit. We've been holding back but here they are. 100% Pais, granite, grown by Soledad Camaaño on 200+ yr old vines. A combination of an eastern (Andes) and a western (Pacific Ocean) facing sites giving the wine half linear style fruit and the other more plumper and red. Rated 95/100 by the Wine Front. From Alice: 'pale and bright, shimmering with its web of ultra fine, firm, silty tannins, all gossamer in texture, stains the palate gently with red berry fruitiness and light, sage and fennel-like herbal things.'
Strange Grapes
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Alice L'estrange Strange Grapes Natural Wine organic Wine Chilean Wine
About the maker

You may remember her from the George wine label here in Australia, but Alice L'Estrange, maker, importer and distributor of traditional Chilean wines has a brand new Chilean set of wines to show the world.

Strange Grapes represents small producers who focus on healthy farming and natural winemaking. All wines come from dry-grown vineyards of traditional Chilean cultivars. Alice's portfolio represents an ancient and often overlooked, small corner of the viticultural world. We showcase producers making uniquely Chilean, pre-industrial wines, people who project centuries-old practices into the future, reviving a unique and historic culture that is truly Old World. We believe it is as important to champion organic farmers as it is to provide a welcoming market for producers inheriting degraded vineyards and who are leaving glyphosate and chemical fertilisers in the past. We champion full transparency, as such we work with a tiny amount of producers and support them in their journey beyond box-ticking organics towards true soil regeneration.
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