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2020 Valentin Vallès X Les Frères Soulier VDF 'Kayak' Grenache

Gard, France

A collaboration wine made with their good friend Valentin Vallès. They farmed the plot together, and then split the harvest to produce two different wines. The wine is 100% Grenache, and comes from a small 1ha plot on a hill surrounded by woods. A river runs by the plot, where there are many Kayakers during summer. Short maceration and aged in old barrels. Lightish red colour with dark trim. Super fragrant with big wild florals, bright red fruits, and a dark mineral core. It’s clean, fresh and very unique. Serve chilled. Thanks to Ryan Larkin for his notes.
Les Frères Soulier
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2020 Valentin Vallès X Les Frères Soulier VDF 'Kayak' Grenache - NOTWASTED - Natural Wine Online Australia Delivery Sydney
About the maker

Brothers Charles and Guillaume Soulier, farm 10ha of vineyards around the tiny village of Saint-Hilaire-d’Olizhan. They farm mainly Grenache, Syrah and some Carignan, but have also planted forgotten local varieties such as Counoise, Terret Noir and Picardin.

They follow biodynamic principles in the vineyards, with the main focus being on soil health. Their aim is to create a biodiverse environment from the ground up, to establish and encourage microbial life. There are goats, sheep and chickens that roam free in the vines during the day, to eat the weeds and grass and to fertilise the soils as well.

Charles likes to experiment, and because he has no white grapes, he is now making a lot of blanc de noir wines. These are aromatic, lively, and play tricks on the mind. He also likes to work without topping up his barrels for certain cuvées, instead letting a flor develop.

The final products are very unique, and like nothing else you would have tasted before.
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