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Full-time chef and part-time photographer, Joel Bennetts has a creative flair and tenacity both in and out of the kitchen. Joel writes a ridiculously flavour full dish to pair with our Monceau Pear Pet-Nat Kombucha (non-alcoholic drink).

Full-time chef and part-time photographer, Joel Bennetts has a creative flair and tenacity both in and out of the kitchen. Being Feb fast and all (people choosing not to drink in February after a big silly season), Joel has written a recipe for what’s a simple yet ridiculously flavour full dish to pair with our Monceau Pear Pet-Nat Kombucha (non-alcoholic drink).

Joel spent the past few years paving the way for the opening and success of Pepe’s in Sydney’s east, Three Blue Ducks and the Pier. Prior to that he has spent time working overseas, with one of his most resounding experiences crafting a degustation menu at a Japanese boutique hotel, where every ingredient was hand selected at the morning’s markets.

As of this month, Joel has taken on the role of head chef at the shiny new Fish Shop in Bondi Beach which opens this week. There the focus is a modern and healthy take on the old fish and chip shop, with an approachable menu and an easy-going attitude.


Prawn Toast / Joel Bennetts

‘Not typically what you’d classify as prawn toast but none the less, these flavours do create a wonderful experience! the kind of meal you have somewhere overseas and one day months later is pops into your memory bank and you want it. So here it is.. buttery, garlicky spicy prawns with fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon on toasted Turkish bread. That pairs beautifully with a glass or two of Monceau’s Pear Pet Nat Kombucha.’



250g green prawns

100g butter

100g olive oil

1 punnet of tiny cherry tomatoes

5 cloves of garlic

1 eschalot diced

1 pinch of chili flakes

Good pinch of salt flakes

Black pepper

Chopped parsley

Dill for garnish

Basil for garnish

Fresh lemon for a squeeze

Turkish bread



- Mince garlic & dice shallots finely

- In a wide based pan, sauté chili, shallot, garlic, salt & pepper in the butter and olive oil

- We want to make this as fragrant as possible so good 5-8 minutes on a low heat is perfect!

- Next add the cherry tomatoes and cook until they begin to blister

- Add the prawns, simmer until cooked

- Add chopped parsley and check the seasoning

- Toast your bread under the grill or toaster

- Spoon prawns onto toast and squeeze fresh lemon juice over

- Finish with herbs