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In time for the long-weekend across (most of) Australia, we've put together some pretty epic packs and offering free shipping across the country.

Choice can be incredibly overwhelming.

Sometimes you just want context. When am I going to wear this or when am I going to drink this? Who am I going to drink this with?

We’ve put together a few fun little packs for you guys, featuring our ‘Fruits of Your Labour’ long weekend pack.


Fruits Of Your Labour Pack - $130

Adam's Evening 'Two Fruits' CiderApple (30) and Pear (70). Super super dry, but tonnes of texture and refreshing acidity. 

2018 Patrick Sullivan 'Waterskin' Orange Blend - Aromatically the wine is bright and savoury. The palate is powerful with sunny grapefruit and melon, it then savours off to a delicate finish. 

2018 Kindeli 'Invierno Pinot Noir Gris Blend -  Slightly dry and semi sweet with tart fruit and grassy notes. 

2019 Dormilona 'Blanco' Semillon - Easy drinking. This Semillon is gentle, chalky and textural.


Roses Are Red Pack - $120 

2019 Dormilona Yokel Grenache - Drink this slightly chilled. Light and uplifting with hints of raspberries or strawberries. 

2018 Jauma 'Audrey's Fairygarden' Sparkling Shiraz - A spritz produces a super vibrant and pretty wine backed up with lashings of minerality. Roses, raspberries and tangy sherbet. 

2019 Ari's 'Pata Trava' Pet-Nat - Delicious blend of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir pet nat, light on skins, light on fizz. Super fun sunny day drinking. 

2019 Dormilona RosadoHerbaceous notes of green peppercorn, watermelon and strawberry.


Spring Picnic Pack - $170

2018 Dormilona RosadoSpanish inspired style rosé (Tempranillo). Textural, lively and crisp. 

Costadila 330 slm Orange Prosecco Delicately light fizz, dry with peach like characteristics. 

2018 Cantina Giardino 'Bianco' Coda Di Volpe Magnum - Mixture of Coda di Volpe and Greco grapes, fermented on the skins for around 3-4 days and aged in chestnut casks. Drink with ease. 

2017 Carussin Completo Red Blend -  Forest dark fruit yet crisp, juicy and light. Nice amount of tannins.


Three Isn't A Crowd Pack - $90

2015 Si Vintners Semillon Chardonnay Blend - Rich touch of buttery biscuits, as well as a lovely bright character with notes of fresh lemon peel. 

2019 Dormilona 'Pinku' Rosé - This Merlot rosé is super light, playful and crisp. 

2016 Nas Del Gegant Escoda-Sanahuja Red Blend - In the mouth, it is easy to drink, light and with a long and persistent finish. Earthy, stalks, chalk with raspberries and strawberries. 


Enjoy your long weekend!

Image courtesy of Borachio Wine.