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Everyone seems to be using the word and talking about it, but what does it actually mean for brands? Eugénie Derez delicately explores the topic from both inside and outside of an organisation.

Curation is everywhere.

The art world no longer has the monopoly on the term and if you google it, you’ll find yourself in a sea of marketing blogs telling you all about the importance of content curation for your brand. You overhear people talking about curating their Instagram page, while brands worry they might start to look ‘too curated’.

The truth is we all curate. True to some of our oldest traits, we hunt and gather. We select and arrange wares and artefacts. We do it in our apartment, our bookshelves, our wardrobe and our fridge. Even platforms like Spotify and Netflix encourage us to make our very own lists from their pre-existing selection of content. Our social media feeds are carefully curated to be as relevant and engaging -dare we say addictive- as digitally possible.

Natural selection.

We used to equate more choice with more value to us, mistakenly confusing freedom of choice with increased satisfaction. More doesn’t always add to our experience. We’ve all felt frustrated and utterly dissatisfied after spending too much time deliberating which film to choose from an endless list. Our inability to make decisions is even sometimes served back to us as supposedly clever and witty ad campaigns.

In a world of abundant choice, curating has become a welcome process of not just gathering, but rather filtering. It’s our opportunity to show what makes it through our sieve, what we view as our very own little golden nuggets amongst the rocks.

The word curation comes from Latin curare and means to take care.

When gallerists curate, they carefully select works of art around a theme, a common thread, making them a part of something bigger, an exhibition. They consider all things ranging from space and light to social and political context.

When a sommelier prepares a wine list or a chef composes a set menu, they’ll put the same level of care in considering tasting notes, seasonal produce, championing local while catering to a global appetite. As a result, each glass, each dish is celebrated not only to exist on its own, but to play a role in the symphony of a whole experience.

At Notwasted, a big part of what we do is curate.

Luckily, it wasn’t hard for us to find our common thread. It’s embedded in the fabric of our values.

We believe in celebrating those who dare to challenge the norms, to push boundaries of what it means to make and sell any produce in our environmentally wounded and economically greedy world. Those who see the soil of sustainability as the most fertile one yet.

So we’ve selected wines that are made with care, with the audacity that is intrinsic and necessary to natural winemaking. We believe in celebrating those who take risks and make damn tasty wines.

This means that whenever you find yourself in front of our selection of wines, you can feel confident that whichever vino you choose has been made with care. All we want is for you to explore the worlds and creations of winemakers who have kindly put their values and care in bottles.

We invite you to take the same approach to all that you curate in your life.

To support sustainable businesses, to choose quality over quantity when it comes to your household items, to build a wardrobe you’re proud of not just aesthetically but ethically, to think about the environmental and health impact of what’s in your fridge. We’re not trying to lecture you on how to live your life or telling you how to curate it. We’re not dictating what your common thread should be.

We’re just inviting you to, well, take care.